My Home Network

Sitting in the corner... Routing packets.Computer Name: Router
Codename: Fireball
Duties and Specifications: Fireball is an AcerAcros computer with a luxurious 20 MB of RAM and a spacious 400 MB hard drive. Fireball runs with speedy 486-DX4 processor. Fireball provides the rest of the network with DHCP, firewalling, and routing.
Delivers webpages to your house in 30 minutes or less!
Computer Name: Webserver
Codename: The Socks
Duties and Specifications: The Socks lives in my kitchen. He is currently composed of an AMD K6-2 350MHz, 256 MB of RAM, and a 4 GB hard drive. Socks takes care of serving up fresh web pages, email, Shoutcast streaming (inside my house only), and holding on to my AWE64 till I figure out a better place for it.
My computer. Just seeing that picture makes me want to give it a biiiig hug!Computer Name: Basscomm
Codename: The Prince
Duties and Specifications: The Prince is my personal machine. I author the Socks here, as well as keeping in touch with my contacts via AIM, ICQ, and IRC. Of course, I also use it to play games occasionally. The Prince currently has an AMD T-Bird 1400, 512 MB of RAM, 120 GB of storage space, a GeForce3, and some other stuff. Also has a TV-Tuner in it so I can watch TV and chat or whatever. Currently dual-booting Windows XP and Redhat Linux 8.0
The [EvL] server. Serves... um... something
Computer Name: EvL server
Codename: The Server
Duties and Specifications: The Server only really truly shines at LAN parties where he serves up games of Unreal Tournament and Rocket Crowbar. He has also been known to take on the role of FTP server and Windows Network Master Browser. When not at LAN parties, The Server lives with [EvL]Scarface (who owns it) and functions as a mule for his Diablo II characters, and as a testbox for 'experiments'.
My roomate's PC. Scary stuff.Computer Name: Toocool
Codename: r0b-b0x
Duties and Specifications: This is my roommates's PC, so I really don't know too much about it. [EvL]Scarface uses it to play games on (like Diablo II and Unreal Tournament), keep up with his contacts on AIM and IRC, and surf the web occasionally.
There's the Switch, Switching... Ugh, this is boring.
Computer Name: The Switch
Codename: Packet Junction
Duties and Specifications: Packet Junction is where all the action takes place on this network. He is an SMC EZSwitch 10/100 with 8 ports. He makes sure that all the information flying around this network gets to where it needs to be.
My hub. Dumb as a rock but reliable.Computer Name: The Hub
Codename: Packet Arena
Duties and Specifications: Packet Arena lives in [EvL]Scarface's room, and connects his computer and The Server to the rest of the network. He lacks all the advanced 'switching' capabilities of The Switch, but he works hard to make sure the computers hooked up to him are safely tethered to the network.
Last Updated 12/5/02
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