Brian Clevinger (doesn’t really) sucks!

It has been brought to my attention that searching Google for the phrase “brian clevinger sucks” brings up a grand total of 0 results.

This post is to fix that.

I’ve never actually met Brian, so I don’t really know if he sucks or not, but I read a post on his site that I had to act on.

Oh, and there was that time that he asked for some files of the movie sequences from Final Fantasy VII that I ripped, put in a big ‘ol file, hosted, emailed him the link and then I saw was downloaded exactly once. Then the project never materialized in any form I could see, and I didn’t get so much as an insincere thank you email in return.

Thanks for opening the Old Wounds(tm).

His site.

EDIT – Well, I didn’t actually think I’d get a response since I was mostly just goofing around, but I did. Edited accordingly.