Red vs. Blue series ending

Wired is reporting that the long-running machinima program Red vs. Blue is going to be ending tomorrow with its 100th episode.

“Machinima isn’t just about in-jokes for people who’ve played the games. The games are an inexpensive, accessible way to film the action. Red vs. Blue embraced the limitations of the medium, using the expressionless, masked Halo soldiers as a vehicle for off-kilter comedy, told in a tight five-minute format. It’s funny even if you’ve never heard of the game.”

I’m going to have to refute that last bit, I never really cared much for Red vs. Blue. I just never found it that funny. This probably means that my sense of humor is broken, so don’t bother telling me that it is. I apparently don’t know better. This is good news, though, as it means I won’t have to hear about the or write about it any more.

Link! (Wired)