Video Game Channel to air show about video games

In a completely unexpected move, ‘television for gamers’ channel G4TV is going to start airing a show that is vaguely video game related. It’s game-related in that it chronicles the fake lives of the fake people working in a fake video game development house. It’s also animated in such a way that it looks like it could take place inside of some kind of NES-style video game system.

“Ostensibly gamer-oriented cable network G4 TV plans to lampoon gamer and game development culture with a new series animated in the style of 8-bit video games. Next month, G4 will launch Code Monkeys, which chronicles the lives of employees at fictional 1980s game company GameAvision, a formerly independent studio that has been acquired by an oil magnate.”

This is being created by the same person that created Minoriteam for Cartoon Network and I’m With Busey for Comedy Central, two of the worst and least funny shows that I’ve ever seen. My expectations of this show being any good are pretty low at this point, though I hope I’m wrong.

Shacknews has some more info and a couple of ‘screen shots’.