People spending more money on video games than on music

Ars Technica is running a piece saying that in the US, sales of video games in dollars is overtaking sales of music.

“The information not only reflects the gaming industry’s strong trajectory but also serves as a painful reminder that the music industry continues to suffer. EMI recently reported, however, that sales of its DRM-free songs and albums have been good since the launch of iTunes Plus, with CD sales of those same albums dropping during that time. If the gains made by selling DRM-free music online outpace the losses from CD sales, EMI’s decision to go DRM-free will prove to be a good one, and the rest of the industry may follow suit.”

This revelation didn’t produce many gasps in my household, mostly because our spending of video games occasionally outpaces spending on food. Though I’m willing to accept that we may be a statistical anomaly.

Link!(via the Slashdot).