People who play games the most, buy the most games

In a recent NPD study, the group discovered that those gamers that play the most (40 hours a week or more) are also the ones that tend to buy more games. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

“[T]he smallest section is the most hardcore of all. Although they make up just 2 percent of the gaming public, “Heavy Gamers” own an average of 2.8 consoles and 1.9 portables. They play a whopping 39.3 hours a week, mainly on the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, and buy a budget-busting average of 13.1 games every quarter–or roughly 4.5 games each month.”

I find it interesting that the article calls 4.5 games a month ‘budget busting’. I’ve easily eclipsed that some months, but my figure would include one current game and several bargain bin games. This study kind of implies that this mythical super-hardcore gamer subset buys 4.5 full-price non-budget titles a month. Kind of makes me think that I’m in my own demographic.

Link! (Gamespot via Kotaku).