The year of the gamer

GameDaily today is parading about their latest drivel, the ‘Year of the American Gamer’ feature wherein they profile a game player from one state each week for 50 or so weeks. There’s no word on whether Washington D.C. or any of the US territories are going to be included.

The first ‘profile’ is more like the blurb inside the dust jacket of a terribly uninteresting autobiography. It doesn’t get into a whole lot of depth, but I do now know that some guy in New York had a TurboGrafx 16, and that he spends between $150 and $400 on video games annually. He’s what I would call a Gaming Lightweight.

“I owned a Sega Genesis when I was six years old, and a TurboGrafx-16 — no one probably knows what that even is nowadays. Now I’ve got a PC, Wii, Xbox, PlayStation 1 and 2, Dreamcast, Game Boy Color and my Genesis.”

Seriously, if I posted any longer of a quote from the article, I’d have reposted the thing in its entirety.

I’m marginally interested to see what they’ll do when they finally get to my home state of Indiana. The good money is on getting a profile of some guy from Indianapolis, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see Terre Haute, Bloomington, or French Lick. Whoever they get will probably gush about loving some basketball or racing game, and possibly working in something about corn (we have lots of corn in Indiana).

Link! (GameDaily)