A series of unfortunate events

Some days I’m glad that I don’t work for Sony, or at least for their PR department. It seems that every few days or so there is a new debacle that Sony is apologizing to some group or another for. PSP Ads, goat entrails, and the like.

Here is a (quite abbreviated) timeline showing just a few events in the saga that is known as Resistance: Fall of Man:

  1. Sony releases Resistance: Fall of Man about aliens that invade Earth. Said game includes a scene of a shootout with the aliens in a fairly detailed reproduction of a cathedral.
  2. Church of England takes offense that the game is promoting firefights with aliens in the cathedral. Makes several demands including a public apology and donating a portion of the game’s profits to the Church for education.
  3. Sony capitulates, takes out full-page apology in local newspaper

The Church might have taken a bit more offense than was necessary. I honestly don’t think that anyone I know would be tempted to go to England, find the cathedral, and have a shootout with some marauding space aliens.