US Army features violent game in recruitment tournament

Rawstory has a typo-ridden article where they discuss the United States Army’s recruitment event disguised as a tournament. They take particular offense that the ‘uber violent’ Gears of War is one of the games featured. They apparently think that a game that allows you to use a chainsaw to dismember opponents, and stomp on necks to break them is entirely too violent, though games like America’s Army and Resistance: Fall of Man are OK.

“Players will be rewarded tens of thousands of dollars in prizes from the military for chainsaw massacres of opponents, whose deaths are stunningly illustrated.”

I find it interesting that none of the other games are mentioned. Resistance has a pretty gruesome weapon: the Air-fuel Grenade. Taken from the Guide at IGN:

“This is the sexiest grenade I’ve ever seen in a videogame. When you through (sic) it, it’ll stick to surfaces (a Titan perhaps), discharge a greenish looking smoke, and than set the smoke on fire, like napalm. It’s mean, and it works so well. I’ve cleared whole rooms with this little bastard.”

Perhaps they gloss over this method of Mass-Death(tm) because it’s less interactive. Pressing a button to saw some alien in half is somehow more engaging, thus potentially more psychologically damaging than to kill aliens by pressing a button to set the air on fire.

Link! (Raw Story) (via Game Politics).