28% of people with internet access play games when bored.

Next-Gen is reporting that over a quarter of the people that use the Internet go to an online gaming site now and again.

“With one in four Internet users visiting a gaming site, playing games online is extremely popular. The fact that these websites are pulling in over a quarter of the total worldwide Internet population shows what a global phenomenon gaming has become,” said Bob Ivins, EVP and managing director of comScore.

“The potential of the online gaming arena should be especially appealing for advertisers, as the average online gamer visits a gaming site 9 times a month,” he added.”

To be honest, I would have suspected that number to be far higher. It seems that every person I’ve ever worked with either professionally or in the computer lab was playing some stupid Flash game or other at some point, and especially when a project was due the next day.

Link! (Next-Gen)