Wii more entertaining than Japanese television, ‘stealing’ viewers

According to Fuji TV, viewership of their channel is on the decline and the Wii is to blame. Somehow folks would rather spend time with their game console than whatever drivel they show on Japanese televisions these days.

“The quality of programming has always been a little cyclical in Japan, but there has never been a period of decline like the one we are seeing now. There are outside factors at work. One is people watching TV on their cell phones where we can’t track them, but the really big factor is the time people are spending on the Wii,” quotes the Times of an unnamed TBS channel executive.

It’s fairly obvious to me that everyone in Japan that owns a Wii needs to also purchase a second television. That way they can tune in to the fabulous prime-time programming that they’re apparently missing out on, while still playing their Wii. They don’t even need to have it in the same room, just turned on somewhere. It’s for the greater good.

Link! (Gamasutra)