G4 forgets how to cover live events

G4 has been hyping their E3 coverage for a while now. Saying that they will be covering the event live now that it’s ‘not open to the public’. I no longer get G4 without paying extra for digital cable, so I haven’t checked out the coverage. This poor soul did and was less than impressed.

“Four times in the middle of a live keynote they go into 4-5 minute commercials. What?!?! We missed 95% of the BioShock demo video, great job guys! How about no commercials when you are “covering” a live keynote event? But it gets worse! At the very end of the show, Microsoft/Bungie start showing off a kick ass Halo 3 video. Everyone has been waiting for this. It’s from the campaign.

Around the middle of the video, they cut from the live video feed into a camera shot of the huge screen that everyone attending the event is watching on. They start to pan out and some douche starts talking over the trailer.”

There was a video up of some of the footage, but it disappeared rather quickly. Normally I’d make some comment here about G4 not being a good channel for video game related… well, anything, but that train has already left the station.

Link! (ibloggedthis) (thanks, BRC64!)