The Modern Arcade

In the past I’ve written about the state of my local arcades. How they’re withered husks of their former status. It’s good to see, then that there’s at least one arcade that’s bucking the trend and doing essentially what I’d do if I ran an arcade.

“Funspot is the largest arcade in the world, fostering over 500 arcade games in its three stories of floor space. The arcade has been around since 1952, when it was founded by Bob Lawton. It is located in Weirs Beach, NH, so you have to travel to the middle of New Hampshire to enjoy it. Funspot “offers new and classic video games, an indoor golf center, a 20 lane ten pin & candlepin bowling center, cash bingo, mini-golf, a restaurant and tavern and more! There’s something for everyone!” The mascot of Funspot is a dragon named Topsnuf.”

If you’re an arcade aficionado, you should check out the small picture gallery on Destructoid, as well as the linked galleries. I would quite like to take a trip there myself, the 19-hour drive to do so, however, is prohibitive.

Link! (Destructoid)