A sea of mediocrity

If you do a search for the words “video game blog” on Google, you’ll get around 253,000,000 results.

That’s a lot.

But, more importantly, that means that if you want to get any kind of following that you’re going to have a tough road ahead of you. When I started this site way back in 2001, the barrier to entry was already ridiculously low (if you had a little bit of technical expertise), but now with services like Blogger and WordPress (and dozens of others), the barrier to entry is so low that it’s virtually nonexistent.

Which is a good thing, for the most part. Anyone (and I do mean anyone) can throw up a website and start talking about essentially anything they want. No fact-checking required.

Which is still great. Until…

People just kind of peter out. Sometimes only after a few days, sometimes months or years later when they come to the realization that:

Most people will never make enough money blogging to earn a living.

Once they figure that out, their pet projects turn into labors of love, which get neglected, and eventually stagnate to the point where they’re just kind of sitting there. Which is why I’ve tried to do a little something different with this site. I try to put stuff up here that’s interesting to more than just me, and that’ll (I hope) be interesting over time. That way, if I ever do move on to something else full time, the stuff I have up here will be an interesting read for someone else down the road.