Aardvark Video

Let’s get things started with this gem that I found.

Be Kind, please rewind

Be Kind, please rewind

I like this for a couple of reasons. First is the obvious sticker reminding me to rewind the cartridge when I’m done with it. It may not make a lot of sense to you younger readers out there, but for some reason, at least around these parts (and it would appear elsewhere, too) that game cartridges were called ‘tapes‘. My guess as to why is because, according to popular lore, Nintendo didn’t want the NES to look like a traditional game console, since the video game market had just crashed, so they made it look something like a VCR instead.

And what do VCRs play? Why, tapes, of course. This kind of gets complicated later when Nintendo does release some actual tapes that are intended to go in your VCR, but we’ll get to those another day.


The other reason that I like this is that it was formerly of Aardvark Video. I don’t know where Aardvark Video is or was, and The Googles aren’t much help (this was the only close thing I could find). But I am digging the cartoon aardvark warning me that tampering with the ‘cassette’ will result in me purchasing the cassette and revocation of my membership. Of which, one of those things has actually happened.