Nintendo Mini Lunchbox

Super Mario Kart seems to be one of those games that most people have heard of, even if they don’t play many video games. For the two or three of you that haven’t heard of this series, it essentially takes a selection of Nintendo’s characters from the Mario universe, sticks them in go karts, and makes them race around increasingly-ridiculous tracks. It’s pretty great.

And, with anything that’s even remotely decent, it spawned… er… ‘inspired’ lots of similar games, including something called Diddy Kong Racing. Diddy Kong Racing is a whole lot like Mario Kart with a couple of minor differences: the Mario Universe characters were replaced with mostly original Rare characters, the go karts were replaced with, erm, go karts, planes and boats (reminds me of something that I can’t quite place) lots of licensed non-video-game things for you to waste your money on. Including this thing.

Mario Kart lunchbox.

Mario Kart/Diddy Kong Racing lunchbox.

Pretty great, right? Popcorn, double-dipped (in what I assume is chocolate), tiny lunchbox covered in racers from both of these fine racing games? What else could you want?

What’s that? This lunch box is too small to put a sandwich in without folding it in half? Hm, yeah, that could be a problem.

And what did the popcorn taste like? Unfortunately, I don’t know. I figured that opening a lunch box to eat 15-year-old popcorn wasn’t the best idea, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.