Game Boy Wallet


You’ve heard of the Nintendo Game Boy, right? Hand-held gaming device, spinach-green screen? Came in lots of variations and revisions including the Color Game Boy (came with colored shells), Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color (came with a color screen), Game Boy SP, and on and on? Looked kind of like this:

Game Boy... kind of

Hm, most Game Boys didn’t come in tins, so this may not be the real deal. Let’s open this up and see what we have.

It's a Game Boy, it's a bi-fold wallet. It's madness.

It’s a Game Boy, it’s a bi-fold wallet. It’s madness.

That looks practically the same. Well, sort of. What you’re looking at here is a representation of the Game Boy in the finest leather (well, maybe not the absolute finest, but pretty close). With pockets for cash, credit cards, and ID cards, but you’ll probably fill it up with receipts and phone numbers without any names attached to them.

So, it’s almost as fun as a real Game Boy, and it uses fewer batteries. That’s pretty awesome, right?