uDraw Pictionary

Odds are that you know all about Pictionary, the game where you draw something, and someone else has to guess what it is. Even if you’ve never played Pictionary proper, I’m sure you’ve played (or at least heard about) something similar.

But you may not be familiar with the uDraw tablet, since practically nobody bought one… except me.

The uDraw is a tablet and a stylus, similar to something that you might get for manipulating graphics on a computer, except smaller, and cheaper (much cheaper).

The tablet itself is really good for one thing: drawing and scribbling. Hm, I guess that’s technically two things.

Regardless, here’s some footage of me and some family members playing the Ultimate edition of Pictionary.

I recommend looking away when the clues are revealed so that you can play along, but it’s certainly not mandatory.