Pac-Man Bag

I’m not going to take too much time introducing you to Pac-Man. Unless you were born yesterday (in which case, welcome!) you already know enough to appreciate the little yellow guy with the bottomless appetite.

But say you’re a kid in the early 1980’s or so, and you have Pac-Man Fever (or maybe Pac-Man Elbow). So, obviously, you need something that will tell the world about your Pac-obsession while also doubling as a handy tote-bag.

Pac-Man Bag with The Python Book

Pac-Man Bag with The Python Book

Or maybe you just want to carry around a big ol’book about Python. Either way, the Pac-Bag is probably what you would want. It’s a pretty standard canvas tote bag, big enough to hold one Python book (or maybe a few smaller books, if you have any), it has a snap on top so you don’t lose the contents when you’re doing windmills while walking down the street, and it has a convenient spot to write your name. Or someone else’s name if you want.


But, that does make it a little harder to locate it at the lost and found (and to prove that it’s actually yours), should you need to do that.