Plush Question Mark Box

If I ask you to think about Super Mario Bros., what do you think of? Mario? Luigi? Princess Peach? Super Mushrooms?

Maybe after several tense minutes and a bit of prodding, you’ll think about one of these.



One of the thousands of blocks that stand between Mario and wherever it is that Mario is headed. What’s inside? Goodies? Baddies? Riches? Only one way to find out: You punch it, of course. But, that looks like it might hurt. Good thing there’s this.

What you’re looking at here is a plush question mark block, which is way easier on your hands when you punch it. And what do you get for your troubles? The sweet, sweet sound of a coin popping out (but couldn’t locate the coins themselves, unfortunately). Even better is, you punch it enough times and you’re rewarded with the sound of a 1-up mushroom being awarded. What could be better? Well, a lot, actually. But this is neat, too.