Bomb Squad

While growing up, I never had an Intellivision, and I never was friends with anyone that had one (or if they did, they kept their mouths shut about it). But, I happened across this gem at a yard sale, and the price was right, so I jumped on it. No, that’s not why the box is flattened.

Bomb Squad Box

But why would I get a game for a console that I don’t have? Well, I might get one some day, but that’s a pretty flimsy excuse. The bigger reason is that it was bundled in free with the game I actually wanted… which we’ll talk about later this week. A third reason is because I really like the package art of a lot of the older titles.

But there’s not really a lot of art to be had here, either.

Bomb Squad Box Innards

I was intrigued to find that this was a game that talks (or so the box says). I didn’t think that this capability came into use much later, especially for home entertainment devices. And even then we were restricted to a word or two, at maximum, compressed so much that it sounded like the clip was recorded by putting a microphone against the wall of an apartment and hoping your neighbors said something you could use in your game.

But this one was different. It uses a synthesized voice, of course, but it actually sounds decent.

Now I feel like I need to find an Intellivision system, and an Intellivoice module.

Shouldn’t be too hard, right?