The coolest game ever made for the venerable NES!

Nightshade is a game developed for the Nintendo Entertainment system, and was released in 1991 by Ultra. I don't recall ever recall seeing any sort of advertisements for the game, however it did grace the cover of Nintendo Power the month that it was released. The game itself consists of the player moving Nightshade (our hero) around the streets of Metro City solving various puzzles and attempting to thwart the evil Sutekh (the bad guy).

One of the most interesting things about this game is the humor that is dispersed throughout the game. The jokes make more sense than most of the other games in the genre since the game was developed primarily in America, and there was no translation for the game at all.

The game itself utilizes a menu system to control most of the action, which turns out to work fairly well after some getting used to. The other controls, such as the fight sequences and the peculiar scenario where you rescue a girl from a burning building take a little gettng used to, but is actually quite responsive after a little practice.

Overall, I think that this is a great game that belongs in any Nintendo game collector's collection. Highly reccomended!

Nightshade Propaganda

I forget where I found this... But it's cool anyway! The Nightshade Instruction Manual.
Nightshade images:
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