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Everything I know, I learned by playing video games.: I learned how to function in the real world by playing video games. This is a sample of the rules I live my life by.
A day in the life of a Virtual Boy.: My Virtual Boy and I are best friends, this is a pictoral record of the day we spent together.
13 Elements to a good arcade.: The 13 essential elements I believe you need to have a good arcade.
How to read the expressions of a gamer. : A handy reference to telling what a gamer is thinking at any given time.
How to win at all video games. : A compendium of strategies and techniques that will guide you to success in any game you can imagine.
basscomm's 'Searchable Strategy Guide': An update to 'How to win at all video games' now expanded to include a 'Search Feature'
Where are all the hard games?: My take on why games are much too easy and my speculation on why this has happened.