Million Man LAN Day 1

The party apparently got underway at about 11-ish yesterday. I arrived at noonish, and immediately started putting my computer together. After getting that squared away, I began to have all kinds of computer related problems that were independent of the LAN: mouse acting funky (the scroll wheel decided when it would scroll, and not me), it would refuse to boot for several hours, and other small miscellaneous problems. I think that I’ve put a large enough Band-Aid on the thing to keep it going until I get it home in a few days, but it’s apparent that I will need a new computer in the near future.

Right… LAN party…

So far, MML has been OK. The concession stand food that they are forced to have to deal with is, hot dogs/popcorn/nachos/other not breakfast food.

There seems to be a lot of games being played here: Counterstrike (as always), Unreal Tournament (and 2003), Warcraft 3, Jedi Knight (2, maybe 1, I don’t know, I never played that one), America’s Army, Battlefield 1942, Wolfenstein (and ET), and probably other games that I don’t know about/care about.

The local news was here this morning, supposedly. I was unconsious on the floor doing my best to get a little bit of sleep. This was at 5:00. AM, even. Even at a LAN party where the goal is to stay up as much as possible, get as much quality time in killing your friends, and play some computer games, nearly everyone is asleep at 5:00 AM. Shortly after the news crew left, we got treated to some horrible song twice. In a row. Then wake up call, some (way too) early morning UT2K3, and now this news post. Barring any more major computer catastrophes, I should be back with More from the Floor tomorrow morning.