The State of the Socks

I know that most people do their reflections on their respective sites on anniversary dates. Bah, that’s too far away. I don’t want to wait until January if I have no real reason to.

I alluded, in an earlier article (on a whole other website, to envisioning this site as some sort of gaming news site where I would have stories about comings and goings, new games, reviews, and the occasional whatever. Since you’re reading this now, it’s safe to assume that that didn’t happen exactly how I envisioned it, mostly because other sites do the same thing that I wanted to do, and much better.

Having spare time is definately a problem. I have a few alternatives when it comes to running a site. I can quit my ‘real’ job and try to make money at being a webmaster, which I don’t see happening in the near future, or I can just keep on having fun with it, providing content for free, which seems more likely.

It’s fairly obvious that now the site has turned into more of a blog style. It’s the wave of the present. Everyone, their cat, and their cat’s mother has a blog. Most of them, though, are just painfully boring to read. I do not want this site to turn into some kind of “I went to the mall today and got a Coke, but the guy behind the counter totally screwed up and gave me a Diet Coke instead. I smiled, walked around the corner and threw the almost full thing away. That’ll show ‘im” kind of blog. I just don’t find that reading about other people’s personal lives and experiences terribly interesting. Maybe that’s a character flaw. I don’t particularly like reality-based TV either.

So what does that mean that this site is going to be? Well, that’s something that I’m not entirely sure about. It’ll be different than what’s been here.


Someone email me a Boot to the Head if I start talking about how my shoes were knotted up this morning or how the server put mayonnaise on my sandwich instead of mustard that day or the Mountain Dew I drank tasted like Mountain Wizz or etc. etc.