Sprite Comics

Let’s just get this out of the way now. I don’t really like fanfiction all that much (for the sake of this discussion, I’m calling ‘sprite comics’ ‘fanfiction’). That isn’t to say that it is all bad. Some of the fan created works are frightengly good, but they still are just fan works. I firmly believe that it’s better for all involved to pour your creative energies into new and original stories.

Fanfiction is derivitave work. It relies on an already established universe for the author to draw upon. The Fan Fiction author has at his disposal a setting, a history, and characters. Anyone who will read his stories won’t need any background exposition because that was taken care of the creators of the original game (movie, television show, whatever). All the ‘hard work’ of coming up with an original set of circumstances is out of the way.

Another problem is that it’s not canon. No matter how good the story is, in the universe of the game (movie, television show, whatever), it didn’t happen.

There you all go saying “So what?” again.

If you read a lot of fanfiction, the lines between what happened in the fanfiction and the canon start to blur in the memory banks. If/when official sequels come out, there are going to be people who either: A. Are disappointed (or even surprised) that something they wrote/saw in some fanfiction or other wasn’t put in, or B. Are angry that something they did write into a fanfiction and they didn’t get any credit for it.

I think that covers the main reasons. I do have other reasons for disliking fanfiction in general, like the weird crossovers you get (like Zangief teaming up with Simon Belmont to take on the Umbrella Corporation or some such nonsense), but generally, that’s it. I don’t want to read what happened after the credits rolled on Final Fantasy VII, or what goes on at Tom Nook’s house, or A Day in the Life of (insert character name here).

A lot of the fanfiction writers are very talented, and it makes me wonder what kinds of things they could come up with if they built up stories on their own instead of relying on others to do the legwork for them.