Believe it or not, there have actually been some things of note that have happened this week in the realm of gaming.

Apparently someone has figured out how the dot-codes on the e-Reader cards work and has made a program to make your own custom dot-codes (assuming you’re into such things). This relieves me about this much since I was convinced that I was one of only two people on the planet that bought an e-Reader. Maybe someone out there will make some new fun for the machine.

Over at RIT, someone has apparently decided to make game based on Metroid as a project in one of his classes. The game is bound to be short, since it’s being based on just the first area of the original Metroid, but so far the game looks very nice. The game also just happens to be in my price range, so I may have to go get a copy here soon.

And that’s essentially it!

Oh, and you need to go watch The Super Mario Bros. Cartoon Show if you know what’s good for you.