Google Video

By now you’ve likely heard of Google Video, the service that lets you upload whatever video you might happen to have laying around. This service has implications that I could only dream of. I could finally see some obscure video clip that had been floating around the Internet for a long time, or I could see new and exciting short videos that I might not have otherwise have access to.

Recently, the ability to view random videos piqued my interest. I was not fully prepared for the absolutely inane videos I would find.

I’m not so much curious why people have these videos as I am why they decided to upload them to this exciting new service.

Some examples (these are the short ones, there are several that are over an hour long where these came from):
Eating a fortune cookie
‘Fun’ at an apartment
Drink water!
The daughter at the Putt-Putt
Walking down the hall of the Mariott
Micro truck race
whatever this is
school hijinks

Oh there’s more where those came from. Lots more. If you watch any of the above expecting something wacky to happen, you’re out of luck. It’s like being stranded in some kind of strange purgatory where all you can watch are videos of babies being babies and the things that people who just got a camera and don’t know what to do with it are filming.

Of course there are also some videos out there that are worth watching but consider it a profound stroke of luck or well-picked search terms that led you to them.