Finding Inspiration

Allow me to not talk about video games for a moment, maybe next time.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks over here in the land of the Crummy Socks. I have, for the second time this year, packed up my belongings and carted them across five states. This time, they’re in a temporary home, and I will be moving them again in a few short months. Each time I do that I’m reminded how much I hate actively dislike putting all my things into tiny boxes, moving them any distance, and taking them all right back out of their boxes. On the bright side, since I’m now back in my home town, I can get my old classic games out of storage and shower them with adoration again: “Oh, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time, how I’ve missed having to take four seconds to say your name. Oh, Kid Niki: Radical Ninja, the bizarre juxtaposition of Radical and Ninja reminds me of just how 80’s you really are.” Etc. Etc.

And I’ve managed to segue into talking about video games again. Whoops.

Also, at the time of this post, I still haven’t decided on the topic for my NaNoWriMo book that I have to start writing no sooner than two hours and 49 minutes from now. Time to panic? Ask me again in two hours and 48 minutes.