What is this thing anyway?

This is the page where I try to define what this page is, who I am, and other sundry questions that may pop up from time to time. I make no guarantees about the quality or the timeliness of this information, or even that it answers your question. If you have something that you’re just dieing to know let me know on the contact page. I might even immortalize your question here for all to see.


What is this page?

This is my site, it’s evolved a bit since I created it back in 2001, but I like it. Over the years it’s evolved into many things, but it’s always been and will continue to be: my soapbox, my conduit to communicate with the masses, and a place to discuss what I find interesting.

Who are you?

That’s me. Here is an interview I conducted with myself a while back. I’m just your average person who was raised on video games, and is passionate about them. In short, I’m just like you. I just happen to have a website where I can effectively communicate with the masses and am passionate enough to be disappointed with the content of most of the video game ‘news’ (read: ‘blog’) sites these days.

What do you mean ‘disappointed’? Game sites are great! They speak to me and my generation. They let me know what’s hot in the world of video games. I can’t live my life not knowing what ‘Cliffy B.’ had for lunch today, or laughing at some idiot’s Final Fantasy VII Aeris fan-video!

Most of the ‘Big Few Sites’ publish more fluff than content, and what news they actually post is stuff that I don’t really care about: silly videos, rumors, top X lists, canned screenshots, canned press releases, and other drivel that takes next to zero effort to ferret out and write. I just generally don’t care about that kind of thing. If you do, then that’s great, there are plenty of other sites out there for you to get your fix. You just won’t find that here.

So you’re a news site, then?

Not exactly. This site is, and has always been, about what interests me. Actual game news interests me. Projects that I do interest me. Other miscellaneous tripe often does not, unless it’s very interesting or particularly weird. You certainly could take that to mean that I trawl sites and look for bits of news that are interesting, and filter out the mess that isn’t. But I certainly wouldn’t want to influence your perceptions.

Why didn’t you update today? You need to get on the ball, or you’ve lost a reader!

Sorry, though I’d like to update this every day, things happen. This site is not my job. I have an actual full-time job completely unrelated to this site that is gracious enough to allow me to have access to update while I’m there. Unfortunately, that also means that my actual work has to take precedence over updating the site. This site doesn’t even generate enough revenue to cover its bandwidth costs. What can I say, I’ve grown accustomed to eating. That said, I truly value every reader I have. I try to be accessible via a contact form that goes straight to my mailbox. If I’ve put some information that is factually wrong, call me on it, and I’ll fix it if I’m able.