The Video Game Industry hires more than just programmers and artists

What do you do if you want to make games, or at least be involved in the process, but don’t know a linked list from a bubble sort, or your art looks like it was done by a painting turtle? Believe it or not, there are jobs out there that you can do.

Gamasutra has opened their ears and are soliciting questions on what you can do, even though you may not have the skills needed to be a programmer or an artist.

“The beauty of any of these jobs is that they are open to anyone who can do the basic functions, but applicants who love games are still typically given preference. No joke. Who do you think is more valuable at a game company: an office manager who has five years experience working in a law firm but has never laid hands on a PlayStation 2, or one who reads game industry web sites and loosely understands what a Scrum is? (A Scrum is a meeting that occurs daily when a software development team uses an agile development methodology.)”

From my own experience as an Assistant Producer, I can say that a formal education is not strictly necessary, for any of the disciplines. Though it can give you an edge, experience and skill are often an acceptable substitute. If you have talent, you will be recognized and given a shot. You just have to have the ability to work hard, be eager to learn, and be willing to start low on the totem-pole. You don’t need to know how to program or do art, but being able to talk effectively between the departments will go a long way. The best advice I can give is to learn your craft, hone your skills, create something to show off the relevant skills, and apply to absolutely every company you can find. Everyone wants to work at places like Blizzard and Bungie, so they get mountains of applications. You’ll likely have better luck going to a smaller developer. The smaller guys usually have smaller staffs, so you’ll get the added bonus of wearing multiple hats, which will increase your skillset and your marketability.

Link! (Gamasutra)