Limbo of the Lost is real

Sometime in May a game came out with very little fanfare. It was some generic point-and-click adventure game that had been in development for a long while, and finally surfaced. But, about a week ago some folks noticed that the game had images that looked like they were lifted directly from other games, a blatant case of ‘asset theft’ it would seem. The publisher even went so far as to remove the game from shelves to investigate the issue.

This led some folks to initially postulate that the game didn’t even exist since they had never seen it on store shelves. But, I have essentially irrefutable, kind of grainy, cell-phone-taken evidence that the game does, in fact, exist. My copy arrived in the mail today. Behold!

Now I just need to decide if it’s worth it to crack open the seal or if I need to save it to sell on eBay in twenty years.

And I should probably get batteries for my actual camera.