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Console FPS controller that emulates mouse and keyboard.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

IGN is running a review of a peripheral that is designed to put the allegedly superior controls of a mouse and keyboard (in the context of First Person Shooters) on the Playstation 3. It looks a whole lot like a mouse with a Nintendo Wii Nunchuck glued to it.

“Happily, there exists new hope for the mouse-palming FPS faithful who want to get some console action going on. Accessory manufacturer SplitFish, the company behind the innovative MotionFX for the PS2 (review), is now launching the rather unique FragFX controller for the PlayStation 3. The controller basically breaks a SIXAXIS in two, replacing the right analog stick with an optical mouse and moving the left analog stick to a Wii Nunchuck-like dongle.”

Link! to the full review. ( Thanks, brc64!