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Super Mario Snerdles

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

I know what you’re probably thinking. Judging by the title of this entry, you think that I misspelled or misheard something. Either that or I’ve just started making up words, right?

Super Mario Snerdles

Nope, they’re a real thing.

But what is a Snerdle? Well, it’s kind of like someone took a Fruit Roll-Up, folded it into a slightly smaller square, and then jammed a bunch of the white things from the tops of Sno-caps on top of them.

In short, they sounded edible. So I bought a pack and tried to eat them. I say ‘tried’ because it became pretty apparent that whoever designed these things didn’t count on them ever being exposed to heat of any kind, and all of my Snerdles were hopelessly glued to the plastic tray they sat in, making extraction nigh impossible.

But I was able to come up with a serviceable solution. Popping the Snerdles in my refrigerator for a couple of hours hardened them up enough that they popped out of the package properly.

And what did I get for my troubles? Three squarish, vaguely fruit-ish flavored things with tasteless sugar balls mixed in. It turns out that these are way more fun to look at than to eat (although that didn’t stop me from polishing off the bag), probably because they look kind of like pixel-art.

Would I buy these again? I have proof that I’ve already purchased these once. I think that’s plenty, don’t you?