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Europeans get cheap starter pack for Final Fantasy XI, I finally get to use a ‘£’ in a post

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

It’s bee quite some time since I quit playing Final Fantasy XI. I actually quite liked the game, but the pacing of the game was ponderously slow and if you didn’t have a group of at least 5 friends then you had troubles making it to the next town without getting savagely beaten to death by rabbits and silkworms. If you did have a balanced group then the game was quite fun, even standing in one place slaughtering fish was entertaining if your group worked well together.

I thought that the barrier to entry for this game was fairly low, since you can get the game and 3 expansions for $20, but apparently it gets lower. Eurogamer is reporting that folks will be able to get a ‘starter pack’ version of the game (just the main game with no expansions) and a free month of gameplay for £5.99 (or about $12.27 in American money, or about the equivalent of a one month subscription to the game). I wasn’t able to determine if it was coming out stateside or not.

Is this a desperate attempt to increase a stagnating userbase or ingenious plan to draw attention to the new expansion pack?

Time will tell!

Link! (Eurogamer)

UK version of Capcom Puzzle World ships with showstopping bug

Monday, July 16th, 2007

It looks like Europeans can’t catch a break today. Mario Party gets recalled three days after release, and now we find out that anticipated collection Capcom Puzzle World shipped with a crash bug.

“It seems to affect the Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo part of the puzzle bundle primarily, freezing the game within a few minutes of starting. We managed a couple of rounds with our European promo copy before it locked up on a load-screen.”

I’m not naive enough to believe that every game that ships is 100% bug free. For some reason it was made public well over a month before release that this bug existed. What’s particularly perplexing is that a bug this easy to reproduce was able to get through QA.

Link! (Eurogamer)