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G4 Launching New ‘Video Gamer’ Oriented Channel

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Young men’s programming network G4 has announced today that they will be sallying forth with a new initiative to bring video game oriented programming back to the limelight with an Internet-only television network.

Tentatively called “G24-7″ this new network will feature on-demand shows featuring news, reviews, and video game-centric shows from the familiar sources, but will also feature work done by the community. Shows like ‘Machinima World’, for example, will highlight the very best that the machinima community has to offer and ‘Video Game Rev-YOU’ will feature the best user reviews from their community sites.

“We’re very excited to finally be able to announce this project. We’ve heard your pleas for more video game programming, but realize that most of you use your television for playing video games instead of watching our shows. That’s why we’ve decided to move the whole works onto the Internet, it just cries out for this type of programming.”

I don’t know about you, but this announcement of a network that’s being programmed by gamers for gamers makes me happy inside.

G4 forgets how to cover live events

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

G4 has been hyping their E3 coverage for a while now. Saying that they will be covering the event live now that it’s ‘not open to the public’. I no longer get G4 without paying extra for digital cable, so I haven’t checked out the coverage. This poor soul did and was less than impressed.

“Four times in the middle of a live keynote they go into 4-5 minute commercials. What?!?! We missed 95% of the BioShock demo video, great job guys! How about no commercials when you are “covering” a live keynote event? But it gets worse! At the very end of the show, Microsoft/Bungie start showing off a kick ass Halo 3 video. Everyone has been waiting for this. It’s from the campaign.

Around the middle of the video, they cut from the live video feed into a camera shot of the huge screen that everyone attending the event is watching on. They start to pan out and some douche starts talking over the trailer.”

There was a video up of some of the footage, but it disappeared rather quickly. Normally I’d make some comment here about G4 not being a good channel for video game related… well, anything, but that train has already left the station.

Link! (ibloggedthis) (thanks, BRC64!)

Alleged Video Game Channel to cover Video Game Expo

Monday, July 9th, 2007

The smaller-yet-still-important video game exposition starts tomorrow, and G4, the ‘Television for Gamers’ channel that has almost 5 shows dedicated to video games, is going to be covering E3. If for some reason you still get G4 and haven’t turned to it in a while, you might consider giving it a look.

The coverage is likely going be between the Star Trek reruns and the game shows starring ninjas.

Link! (

Code Monkeys

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

You can now watch the pilot episode of G4’s new show that’s sort of about video games.

The show’s concept is a decent idea, but, like I thought, it’s not particularly funny. To be fair, it is only the pilot episode, so future episodes are bound to be better.


Link! (Destructoid) (Prepare to be unimpressed).