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XBox 360 PR guy leaves company, websites lose their collective mind

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

XBox 360 frontman Peter Moore has left the company to work at EA. I didn’t find it to be too big a deal, folks change positions and companies all day. Though most of them aren’t as visible as Mr. Moore. So I don’t really mind seeing the odd story or twohundred announcing this.

However, now instead of actual news, all I’m seeing is fluff pieces disguised as actual content. Pieces telling me how much he’s making at his new job, pieces telling me the reasons he left, and pieces with over-dramatic headlines (“One of his last interviews before resigning from Microsoft.”) instead of anything with substance. I’m saddened that the bar for ‘news’ has been set so low. It’s like the man said: folks have been led to believe that mediocrity is greatness. Apologies if you’re actually interested in such things, though probably not for the reasons you think.