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The dark side of game reviews

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Russ Pitts over at The Escapist has an article talking about the seedy side of reviews and reviewers. How much are review scores influenced by palm-greasing? (Give too low a score and risk not getting any more review copies) Further, do scores even matter?

“”Any player can write a review of a game,” writes Justin Hall, for Online Journalism Review, “but only sanctioned media outlets have access to games before they are available to the public. Brokering these agreements falls upon an untoward mix of editorial and promotions.” And these negotiations can often lead to long term relationships. Although most journalists and editors plead journalistic integrity in the face of payola or favoritism accusations, the most popular parties at E3, GDC and every other major game convention are the ones featuring an open bar and access to the developers.”

I actually tried my hand at reviewing things a while back, but decided that since reviewing wasn’t my primary job, I just couldn’t devote the kind of time to the project that I needed to, meaning that at most I could muster one review every week to 10 days if I was lucky. I never did get to the point where I was getting complimentary review copies of anything.

Hit the link for the full article.

Link! (The Escapist via Joystiq)

Pokémon through the eyes of a 10 year old

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Since I’m in a Pokémon mood today, I’d like to draw your attention to a review of the latest game in the portable series, written by someone in its core demographic, a 10 year old. It’s adorable.

“I was really excited when I first heard that these new games were being released soon, as most of the others have been fantastic – particularly Emerald and Fire Red. Each new series of Pokemon games has new Pokemon characters, and I was very excited about this new game because all of the new Pokemon that were going to be in it looked stronger and cooler. I was also looking forward to the new gameplay using two screens as this is the first Pokemon game for Nintendo DS.”

Hit the link for the rest of Alfie’s review.

Link! (SPOnG)