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Nintendo Game and Watch

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

If you’ve spent any time at all with the Smash Bros. series of games, you’ll have dealt with Mr. Game and Watch. Which is a really weird for a video game character. And it kind of fits, since Mr. Game and Watch is a weird video game character in his own right.

But what is a Game and Watch? This! Behold!

Game and Watch

I admit, it’s bigger than I expected.

This specific Game and Watch is Donkey Kong, and with its two(!) screens adequately recreates the basic Donkey Kong experience. So, Game: Check.

Game and Watch open

It also has a built in clock to help you tell time. I’m pretty sure that in the 80’s you were legally bound to put a clock in anything that had an LCD display. But I’ve been conditioned to think of ‘wrist watch’ when I think of the word ‘watch’, so the size of this thing caught me a little bit off guard. But, trying to get a serviceable Donkey Kong experience on a device that would fit on my wrist would be pretty difficult, especially with the limited animation these things could do. My guess is that the clock was added mostly because it could be sold as a game that is also a clock, so it’s a useful tool.

And 30 years later, it’s still fun… assuming you remember to buy batteries for it. Who decided that this thing would use button batteries, anyway?