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Nintendo DS? Game and Watch?

Sunday, April 24th, 2005

Before the Nintendo DS got released, Nintendo confidently and repeatedly assured the gaming masses that their new system was something new that revolutionize handheld gaming. True, the DS does have lots of nifty keen features, but the design of the unit is blatantly ripped off of an already established idea: the Game and Watch.

Let’s take a look at some photographic evidence.

Both units open.

Both units closed.


Some of the key similarities we can see by looking at the above pictures include:

  • Both units have a d-pad
  • Both units contain an internal clock and an alarm
  • The battery is located in the same spot on both units
  • Both units have 2 screens

Of course the DS has all kinds of additional doodads and geegaws to differentiate itself from its older cousin, but the similarites are too striking to be simply happenstance.

Closeout Warrior

Thursday, April 7th, 2005

You’ve probably noticed that the front page here hasn’t seen a lot of activity lately, and that’s because most of my creative energy’s been spent in the creation of another site in the Crummysocks family of sites: The Closeout Warrior. I’ll be using the site to go over all the games I pick up that cost me less than $10.

And it’s a lot more than I’m happy to admit.