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Charming (haw!) Animal Crossing junkets

Monday, June 30th, 2008

How in the world did I miss these? I went to one of my local movie theaters and found one brimming with Animal Crossing charms, presumably for your DS, Cell Phone, or whatever you like. At a buck a piece, they’re a little on the steep side, but that didn’t stop my sister and me from nearly cleaning out the machine. After trading amongst ourselves to eliminate most of the duplicates, here’s what I ended up with:

These are part of ‘series 2′, which means that I managed to completely miss out on series 1. Which, I guess, means I need to go to the movies more often.

Limbo of the Lost is real

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Sometime in May a game came out with very little fanfare. It was some generic point-and-click adventure game that had been in development for a long while, and finally surfaced. But, about a week ago some folks noticed that the game had images that looked like they were lifted directly from other games, a blatant case of ‘asset theft’ it would seem. The publisher even went so far as to remove the game from shelves to investigate the issue.

This led some folks to initially postulate that the game didn’t even exist since they had never seen it on store shelves. But, I have essentially irrefutable, kind of grainy, cell-phone-taken evidence that the game does, in fact, exist. My copy arrived in the mail today. Behold!

Now I just need to decide if it’s worth it to crack open the seal or if I need to save it to sell on eBay in twenty years.

And I should probably get batteries for my actual camera.

What to do if you’ve screwed up your Wii’s resolution

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

While screwing around with my Wii last night (har har!) I apparently went brain-dead and forgot that I don’t actually own an EDTV, I have a mere widescreen standard definition unit. So I clicked on the option to jack up the picture output to 480p which my television doesn’t support. I had somehow thought that I’d either get a confirmation screen before the Wii made the change or that it would have asked me to confirm the resolution actually worked and then kicked me back down to what it was before if I didn’t respond. I waited about two or three minutes and the picture stayed blank.

Not good.

Not only was the Wii outputting a signal that my television couldn’t use, but I couldn’t see it to change it back. Doing a quick Google search didn’t turn up much in the way of helpful advice, but I was able to get it back to normal, and here’s how I did it.

Step 1: Unplug your A/V cables from the back of the Wii.
Step 2: Turn on the Wii
Step 3: After a few seconds push any button on your Wii remote to connect it to the Wii and start up the Wii menu
Step 4: Plug the A/V cables back in
Step 5: Without having your cables plugged in, your Wii will have booted into 480i mode, immediately go into the options menu and change it to the correct option

You could also replace the component cables with the composite cables that came with the Wii, start it up, change the settings, and then swap the cables back again, but that’s a whole lot of unnecessary work for the same result.