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Unsavory video game delivery service to partner with shovelware developer

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

In a move that can only be described as “Bleh”, games on demand service Gametap and strategy game maker Strategy First are teaming up to create a steaming pile of a relationship. The deal will allow Strategy First to distribute their questionable games via Gametap’s questionable service.

”By working with GameTap, we can extend the reach of how to promote our games beyond just retail shelves. Now we are able to get our titles in front of an all new audience who are just now finding them for the first time.”

It’s no secret that I don’t really care for GameTap or Strategy First’s offerings. I’m quite glad to have gotten rid of both of these things from my computer. The amount of crap was plugging up the ventilation system.

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Video games more like Rock ‘n’ Roll than film?

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Steve Meretzky over at Next-Gen posts an interesting piece where he likens the rise of the video game industry with the rise of the rock and roll industry. Though he draws some interesting parallels, it still seems a bit of a stretch.

“As with digital games, rock and roll was first adopted by the young, and was initially viewed with disdain and even alarm by their elders. As with being a gamer, being a rocker implies an element of counter-culturalism.

And, as with digital games, rock and roll was a whipping boy for the powers-that-be. There are speeches from the 1950s, attributing to rock and roll everything from promiscuity to riots, that would be almost indistinguishable from speeches being made today about the impact of games.”

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